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How long does it take to revolutionize a community?

Not long.

Not long at all.

With the Boro Park business roster constantly expanding in businesses and marketable products, there are loads of items waiting to be sold — but how will customers find what they’re looking for?

Enter The Boro Park View, the newest form of powerful advertisement.

We’ve got years of proof of concept over at our sister magazine, The Monsey View. From the moment The Monsey View appeared on the scene, the community eagerly embraced it. With its full-color, glossy (and dare we say, gorgeous!) pages and full-size ads, everyone was finally able to feel the pulse of the community.

Whether it was a sales event or life-changing workshop, Monseyites only had to open The Monsey View pages to find exactly what they were looking for.

To up the excitement factor, The Monsey View revolutionized the concept of a community circular. It wasn't just ads that were featured, but top-quality content written by renowned writers, as well.

Each week, thousands of Monsey readers rush out to pick up their copy of The Monsey View, wondering what the week's theme would be. They find everything from organizing to handyman skills, from crafts to child-friendly baking, from medical features to personal serials…

And now we’re bringing our upscale concept to Boro Park, where your quality product can be featured in our quality pages.

What are you waiting for? Join our publication by placing your advertisement...


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