Our Story

Once upon a time there were two types of publications: those that featured ads and those that featured content.

And then The Boro Park View came along and revolutionized print media.

We've taken the best of written content and combined it with full-colored graphics to engage both the mind and the eye.

Best of all, our magazine is free for the entire community, ensuring everyone takes it home!

Weekly Readership

Up and down the streets of Boro Park cheerful yellow stands hold stacks of our beautiful magazines. Both children and adults can be found gathered around them, staring at the gorgeous graphics and reading the cover captions.

What will The Boro Park View share with us this week? they all wonder. Each issue holds surprises that keep our readers coming back for more!

More than 23,000 thousand copies are dispensed each week to a readership eager for the latest edition of our quality publication. Make sure your ad is seen inside!

High-Quality Print

With full-color graphics that delight the eye, readers receive a treat for all of their senses, deeply engaging them in our pages. Right there, in the midst of great designs and great reads can be your ad — being absorbed by every single member of the community. There's no better place to be seen!